• 2019 - 2020 300-hr ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING:

    4 Padas (Modules) total
    Training Weekend Schedule: 8:00am - 6:00pm Saturdays & 8:15am - 6:45pm Sundays

    Each pada consists of 3 x Training Weekends (6 full days) plus 2 outside class assessments, 3 Juluka classes and teach 2 Juluka classes ( These non training weekend requirements can be spread over the 8 months)
    If you are unable to attend the 3 Juluka classes due to geographical reasons, you can attend 3 additional outside classes, with assessments. (This requires clarification with program director)

    Required reading of books, manuals and  quizzes, assignments and journaling will make up 20 hours.

    Complete program is 12 total training weekends (24 full training days)

    • MODULE 1: | SEPTEMBER 7th & 8th 2019 | SEPTEMBER 28th & 29th 2019 | OCTOBER 19th & 20th 2019 |
    • MODULE 2: | NOVEMBER 2ND & 3RD 2019 | NOVEMBER 23RD & 24TH 2019 | DECEMBER 7th & 8th 2019 |
    • MODULE 3: | JANUARY 11th & 12th 2020 | FEBRUARY 1st & 2ND 2020 | FEBRUARY 22ND & 23RD 2020|
    • MODULE 4: | APRIL 4th & 5th 2020 | MAY 2ND & 3RD 2020 | MAY 16th & 17TH 2020 |

    This Yoga Alliance registered 300-hour Advanced Yoga training is available for those who have already completed their 200-hour Teacher Training.  Successful completion of all 4 Padas will qualify you for your 500-hr RYT designation from Yoga Alliance. 

    The goal of the program is to inspire and connect you to your passion and unique gifts, so that you can live, heal, grow and share under the light of the science, spirituality and mysticism of yoga and Ayurveda.

    All 4 modules are based on the powerful therapeutic aspects of these two traditions. You will learn how and where to apply specific tenets of yoga based on therapeutic insight. Each module reminds us of our strong connection to nature and the inherent power of this relationship. As modern yogins you will appreciate the western practical value derived from the ancient teachings.

    You will also walk away with the forever knowledge of how to self care, manage your own obstacles, and live with confidence and peace.

    Mandy Grant ERYT-500 is the curator of the program and also the lead teacher. She has over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching experience, and has successfully  owned and operated the Juluka Yoga Studio and School for 13 years. She has studied various traditions of yoga, hosted retreats around the world, lead countless workshops, and is an Ayurvedic Specialist. Her teacher training school has trained some of the most popular teachers in Bergen County, NJ, some who have gone on to create successful yoga businesses and careers in other countries!

    Along with the guidance of tutelage of Mandy Grant, additional expert guest speakers will round out your Advanced Yoga training: Psychologist, Buddhist Monk, Positive Psychology Specialist,  Mahabharata/Bhakti specialist, Thai Massage Therapist, Harmonium & Sanskrit teacher, Back/Spine health specialist

    Your Advanced teacher training will take you on an amazing journey, but it requires dedication and discipline from your part to get the most out of the program.  Please read through the Padas and Curriculum Requirements carefully. 

    You can review the fees and payment options below.  

    Each module (pada) is complete in itself, but if your intention is to receive the Yoga Alliance 500 hour advanced certification, then all 4 modules must be completed


    PADA ONE (1)

    Subtle Body, Prana and the Brain.

    Pairing  advanced hatha yoga knowledge and techniques with modern day neuroscience to enhance mental health.

    •       Study the history and basics of tantra and hatha
    •       In-depth study of the koshas, vayus, nadis, granthis and chakras.
    •       Learn how to create and present chakra workshops 
    •       Connecting the ancient knowledge of the chakras to modern day neuroses and traumas and how to heal.
    •       Advanced techniques of pranayama
    •       The importance of bandhas and mudras in relation to prana,
    •       Meditation and mindfulness-traditional yogic methods and Buddhist tradition,
    •      Full day silent retreat, including an organic, vegan lunch
    •       The neuropsychological processes that lead to awareness.
    •       Basic overview of mind and brain chemistry.
    •       Relationship between yogic and western psychology,
    •       Treating anxiety, depression and PTSD with yoga 


    PADA TWO (2)

    Bhakti, Beloved Texts and Sanskrit

    Combining all aspects of devotion with love and wisdom to take you to the next level!

    •       In-depth study of Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.
    •        In depth study of the Yoga Sutras and how to correctly pronounce and chant special sutras
    •       The concept and practice of Bhakti yoga, including kirtan and learning chants
    •       Basic Sanskrit – the Sanskrit alphabet, pronunciations and words
    •       Finding your voice! Overcoming stage fright and fearlessly leading chants
    •       Basic skills on the harmonium
    •       The importance of sound and music.
    •       History of yoga and how it continues to evolve.
    •       Ancient stories, myths and tales. Learn how many asanas got their names.
    •       Symbolism and history behind the beloved deities, such as Ganesh, Hanuman, Rama, Shiva and the feminine goddesses
    •       Creating your own puja
    •       Learn how to construct and lead a fire ceremony and the signifigance of these rituals.
    •       Mantra meditation.
    •       Sources of inspiration.
    •       How to tie modern literature, passages and poems to the ancient teachings so as to inspire your students.
    •       Understanding the Upanishads
    •       The power of forgiveness and letting go. Freedom of non-attachment


    PADA THREE (3)

    Ayurveda Yoga

    Immersion into the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how to incorporate this wise “medicine” int your life and the lives of others

    •       Overview of the Sankhya model of creation,
    •       Learn the elemental theory, the role of the gunas, doshas and how to identify them in students.
    •       Create and prescribe specific routines and practices for your students. (Dinacharya)
    •       Learn all aspects of Ayurvedic diet and which foods to include and avoid according to the doshic makeup.
    •       Detox and Rejuvenation through Diet
    •       Preparation of Ayurvedic Herb infused oils
    •       Learning in a real kitchen how to make ghee, kitchari and other tasty ayurvedic recipes that you get to eat!
    •       The use of herbs, beverages and spices to enhance wellness
    •       Healing through the five senses (color therapy, sound therapy, aroma therapy, touch therapy and taste therapy)
    •       Self-Abhyanga, vital marma points and mudras for healing through touch therapy
    •       Gharshana with essential oils
    •       Natural sound healing with mantra.
    •       Restorative yoga for teachers. Learn how to administer restorative asana and lead restorative workshops


    PADA FOUR (4)

    Therapeutic Application of Asana and Yoga Nidra

    Creative, intelligent sequenceing including invigorating alignment based vinyasa, therapeutically employed restorative, yin and chair yoga

    •       Advanced adjustments and assists
    •       Basic Thai Yoga techniques to aid in adjstments and touch
    •       Specfic sequences and holistic approaches for medical conditions, such as
    •       Yoga for Arthritis-OA and RA, breast cancer and MS
    •       Using props therapeutically
    •       Chair Yoga for teachers. Learn how to teach yoga to physically compromised students
    •       Avoiding the reality of common yoga injuries
    •       Recognize injuries and imbalances in students, and how to apply yoga as “medicine”
    •       Understanding the side affects of commonly pescribed western medicines and possible holistic  alternatives
    • Yoga Nidra for teachers. Understanding the concept and learning the technique so that you are competently able to lead Yoga Nidra workshops
    • Restorative/Yin training for teachers specific to therapeutic applications, particularly the spine. Learn the priceless value of slowing the flow in order to build strength, vastly improve flexibilty and heal.



    * $3,450 for all 4 Modules paid in full, cash or check by August 1st 2019

    * Payment plan $600 deposit by August 15th 2019 followed by 9 payments of $350 on 1st of the month starting on September 1st. 2019

    Includes 8 months of unlimited yoga at both our studios-over $1000 value!

    **PRE-REQUISITE**: Candidate must have completed a 200-hour Teacher Training.  All 4 Modules must be completed to obtain the 300-hour Advanced Certification and obtain the 500-hour RYT designation. 

    **10% Discount on Fees for all Juluka 200-hour Alumni!**

    $900 per module due 2 weeks prior to each module start date if you are only interested in a particular module. You will receive unlimted yoga for 2 months, a $280 value!


    **All Juluka 200 hour Alumni receive 10% discount!**

    Please read through some of our graduates' {TESTIMONIALS}.


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