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There are many yoga teacher training programs available these days. When choosing a program, there are a few key factors to consider.

    1. Is the Teacher Training Yoga Alliance certified?
    2. Will I have gained enough knowledge and be verbally and physically prepared to teach a great class (intermediate or beginner) after I have graduated?
    3. Will I know enough about alignment and posture to correct students where necessary?
    4. Will I know the Sanskrit names of asanas?
    5. Will I have a good theoretical knowledge of yoga philosophy?
    6. Will another facility want to hire me?

Our programs have proven over the last 13 years to deliver and exceed on all of the above. Juluka is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School and is truly proud of our gifted teachers. This is illustrated over and over again when we receive calls from yoga studios and gyms, asking to hire our graduates.

The programs can be intense, but a lot of fun. Your personal practice will soar! You will learn things about yourself during this amazing journey and you will develop skills that will not only benefit you as an instructor, but also as a human being!

We understand that life can have its schedule challenges so we offer different path options for your Teacher Training with us. We have 3 different 200-hour Programs:

    1. Fall/Winter Weekend Training to accommodate a steadier paced semester of study
    2. An accelerated semester to accommodate those that can devote a more intense course of study over a shorter time
    3. Weekday Training  program where training days are only 1 Tuesday/week during the day.