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What to expect from a Julukaveda Vacation

With an extensive background in the travel industry, followed by 15 years of teaching yoga and founding a successful yoga studio, Mandy Grant has created some stunning retreats and vacations. Each venue is personally vetted, tried and tested. Mandy will be with you on all the activities, even when local guides are employed, offering support and assistance from the first minute to the last minute of the trip!

Your vacation time is precious, so each itinerary is planned for you to get the most out of your experience, as we explore local delights, immersing ourselves in the local culture. Each day ends with a feeling of being pleasantly tired from the day’s adventures,  in your very comfortable hotel, anticipating the next day’s surprises. The hotels are very comfortable, (we don’t like to use the STAR rating system as sometimes a 5 star hotel might not have the attention to detail and ambiance or location of a 3 star).

Yoga means connection, and this is the central theme on all Julukaveda vacations and retreats. We connect with the local people, the vegetation, farms, animals and each other. All the guides, vineyards, restaurants, game reserves that we use are earth friendly and eco conscious. There will be a yoga class, sometimes offered by a guest local instructor, on most mornings. All Julukaveda vacations and retreats offer multi-activities. Walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, yoga, stand-up paddle, swimming or snorkeling, could be on the agenda. Each trip will clearly describe the activities offered and there is usually a choice or two each day to accommodate varying activity levels.  Mandy loves delicious food, so the restaurants are always wonderful! Most meals are included, but there are a few instances where you are “let loose”, to explore the local culinary delights!

Mandy is absolutely passionate about travel and yoga. She believes that meeting new friends, experiencing different cultures, and acquiring new skills, (gelato making or recognizing the spoor of a lion) is a part of life that should be enjoyed by all. This type of living, even if its only a week, makes the world a better place!

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