• Curriculum and Requirements for 200-hour Certificate

    Whether you want to light the paths for others on their yoga journey, or just enrich yourself with a highly informative and hands-on study of this ancient system of physical and spiritual health, the Juluka Teachers Training program is a comprehensive study of yoga, which will equip the student with the knowledge and practical experience to teach yoga at a beginner to intermediate level. The program meets all the requirements set out by Yoga Alliance for the 200 hour RYT, and beyond. Upon graduation, students will receive a yoga teacher diploma from Juluka Yoga Studio & School, and will automatically qualify for the Yoga Alliance 200 RYT, on application. Free unlimited yoga classes for student teachers for the duration of the program are included, and workshops during training session weekends are free.

    Technique Training

    • Asanas - 50 different asanas, including inversions, twists, backbends, forward bends, balance postures all with correct warm up
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Kids yoga
    • Specific postures to enhance certain sports i.e. Golf, tennis and skiing
    • Effective sequencing of postures and the importance of Vinyasa Krama
    • Pranayama - Ujjai, full yogic breath, nadi sodhana, Bhastrika, Sitali
    • Meditation - Anapana
    • Kriyas - Jala Neti, Agni Sara, Kapalabhati
    • Bandhas and Mudras, Chanting and Mantra
    • Teaching to physically challenged persons


    • Teaching to beginners
    • Teaching a challenging class
    • Safe assists and adjustments
    • Importance of correct alignment
    • Reality of injury and how to avoid it
    • Introducing props
    • Music in class
    • Language of compassion
    • Handling awkward teaching situations
    • Advice with teacher resumes and choosing the right teaching environment
    • How to demonstrate a posture and the importance of explicit verbal instruction

    Anatomy and Physiology

    • Different postural types
    • Recognizing weak or problem areas on a body
    • Learn which postures are contraindicated for certain health issues
    • Explore chakras and the importance of nadis
    • Importance of meditation effect on the CNS
    • Explain the functioning of the musculo-skeletal system
    • Explain the functioning of the digestive system
    • Explain the functioning of the cardio vascular system
    • Explain the functioning of the respiratory system
    • Explain the functioning of the nervous system
    • Explain the effects of stress, particularly as it relates to the endocrine, immune and eliminative systems
    • Biochemical benefits of yoga


    • History of yoga
    • Goals of yoga as per Patanjalis Sutras
    • Study of patanjali Yoga Sutra padas 1 and 2
    • 4 paths of yoga-Jnana, Bhakti, Karma and Raja and where hatha fits in
    • 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga
    • Identify Yamas and Niyamas
    • Modern styles and evolved techniques in the Western world
    • Discuss yogic view of mind and obstacles to clarity
    • 3 Gunas and how they relate to yoga
    • Identify understand the 5 koshas and vayus
    • Discuss Tantra yoga and the myths that surround it
    • Traditional Yogic diet and contemporary yogic diet
    • Ayurvedic principals
    • Ethics of a yoga teacher, to include inter-professional relationships
    • Ethical relationships between teacher and students and employees
    • Respecting confidentiality of students and employees


    • Practice teaching, assisting fellow students, observing and evaluating yoga outside Juluka –different yoga styles, feedback
    • Design and teach a vinyasa sequenced class
    • Teach Surya namaskar to a beginner student
    • Teach Ujjai breath to a beginner
    • Teach Community classes at Juluka Yoga Studio
    • Assist in a children’s yoga class
    • Assist in a beginner's yoga class

    Additional Requirements

    Written homework assignments, attend 30 yoga classes at Juluka during the training period (of which must included 4 Beginner classes and 1 Kids/Teens/or Family Yoga class). These are included in your Unlimited Yoga package covered in your tuition fee, and work out to about once or twice per week. Daily meditation and some journaling will be required. Observation of 6 classes outside Juluka. Three required books that are not included in your fee are: Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann, The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by T.K.V. Desikachar and the Juluka Manual.

    Graduation Requirements

    • 100% attendance. 1 weekend may be made up with an equivalent private session with RYT-E., at cost to student.
    • Teach 4 x 1 hour yoga class, to include meditation, 2 different types of Pranayama, and at least 12 asanas, including an inversion, backbend, balance posture, twist, seated and standing forward bend, supine posture, an asana using a prop e.g. strap, blanket or block, a modification for pre-natal and savasana.
    • Written assignments to be completed on time.
    • Student must be able to perform a yoga headstand, unsupported, and a wheel (Urdhva dhanurasana) by the end of the course.
    • Pass a written exam which will cover anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga, physiological and psychological benefits of yoga, 4 paths of yoga, 8 limbs of astanga yoga, including identifying the yamas and niyamas. Ethics of a yoga teacher, 7 major chakras, brief history of yoga, the goals of yoga as per Patangali, including the explanation and importance of sthira sukham asanam.