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      Summer Camp - Yoga / Arts & Crafts: July-August

       Summer camp is here! We had such an amazing experience last summer, yogis and parents have been eagerly anticipating our new schedule, and here it is!  Let your children be immersed in 15 hours of happy, healthy fun this summer. We are offering a really special yoga camp for 5-9 year olds [...]

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      Inversion 101 Workshop: Sunday 6/28th

      Join Kristen as she shows you the way of inversions! Explore new areas on your mat and let the newly cultivated balance and strength continue to support you as you navigate the daily challenges of life. Its important to turn our worlds upside down, every now and again.    Kristen is fun, down to[...]

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      Ayurveda Workshop: Sat. 6/27th

      Ayurveda Workshop, Ghee Cooking Demo and Personal Spice Packets Learn about the worlds oldest healing system and how to very easily imcorporprate the basic principles into your daily life. Ayurveda treats mind, body and soul, shows us how to cleanse and detox, then rejuvenate and strengthen. Just [...]

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      Meditation Workshop: Sat. 6/13th

      Meditation Workshop Research has proven that a regular practice of meditation can reduce levels of anxiety and stress, in addition to an improved immune function and a host of other health benefits. ( heart disease, diabetes, etc etc)  We now know that the nervous system actually begins [...]

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