• Yoga Sutras Workshop

    The Yoga Sutras, written by Sage Patanjali, is an ancient and fundamental text for yoga comprising 196 sutras (aphorisms) on how to live a more spiritual, thoughtful, meaningful life. The Yoga Sutras deal with the mind and its fluctuations, showing the way how they can be controlled and how complete mastery over the mind can lead to cessation of misery and attainment of peace.  This is indeed a textbook of yoga psychology that presents systematic, scientific, and well-tested methods “to deliver man from ignorance.” These aphorisms provide empowering instructions to sincere seekers of inner peace and eternal joy. 

    **SUNDAY JANUARY 8th 1:15pm - 4:15pm** You Can Sign Up Online $35.00/participant

    Part I – Discussion of Chapter 1 – Samadhi Pada

    The Samadhi Pada gives the theory of yoga and description of the most advanced stages of the practice of samadhi or blissful state.   It includes witnessing five kinds of thoughts, the twin principles of practice and non-attachment, the stages of concentration, efforts and commitments, obstacles and solutions, and means and results of stabilizing the mind.

    Part 2 – Discussion of Chapter 2 – Sadhana Pada

    • Sadhana Pada means the chapter on practices. It outlines specific tools of attention that are used to systematically carve out, or cut away the obstacles of the inner mental shield that is blocking the light of the Self within. This includes the first 5 of the 8 rungs of yoga, known as ashtanga yoga.
    • Minimizing gross coloring (2.1-2.9)
    • Dealing with subtle thoughts (2.10-2.11)
    • Breaking the alliance of karma (2.12-2.25)
    • The 8 rungs and discrimination (2.26-2.29)
    • Yamas and Niyamas, rungs #1 and 2 of 8 (2.30-2.34)
    • Benefits from Yamas and Niyamas (2.35-2.45)
    • Asana, rung #3 of 8 (2.46-2.48)
    • Pranayama, rung #4 of 8 (2.49-2.53)
    • Pratyahara, rung #5 of 8 (2.54-2.55)
  • The workshop is presented by Rama, who studied from Srivatsa Ramaswami, senior disciple of the late Krishnamacharya, the guru of the well known Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar.

    Rama Ramanathan, our longest serving and senior teacher at Juluka. Rama - RYT 500, has 30 years of teaching experience. Rama initially learned from his uncle at age 18, studied at the Sivananda Yoga Centers, under Martin Bland, the centenarian yogi Swami Bua, and also Srivatsa Ramaswami, who taught him the vinyasakrama yoga of the late Sri Krishnamacharya of India the guru of the well known Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. . He has taught power yoga, gentle yoga, Sivananda yoga, and he now teaches, in the style of Vinyasa Krama, the “Sampoorna yoga,” which is the yoga of fullness embracing all aspects of yoga and incorporating the teachings of sage Patanjali. Rama is a volunteer at the Chinmaya Mission, a world-wide organization, which teaches Vedanta to adults and value-based education to children. He attends Vedic chanting classes and also organizes Indian classical music and dance concerts in the tristate area.