• Yoga for Athletes Workshop WED 11/4

    At its core, yoga is an exploration of the body. Over time, an athlete can use yoga as a way to work with the body's inevitable changes in order to improve performance and remain injury-free.  Yoga breathing (pranayama) techniques can also greatly improve aerobic capacity by helping to strengthen the diaphragm and expand lung tissue, resulting in enhanced athletic endurance. Yoga breathing deepens the flow of breath, improves core strength, and teaches us how to control and regulate the fight or flight response in challenging situations: Think third down and goal!

    Since the primary functions of yoga are to rid the body of obstacles, as well as to calm the mind, athletic performance can be greatly improved with regular practice. As most athletes know, the mind can be the biggest stumbling block towards achieving their best. Being "psyched out" can often lead to devastating defeat.

    Yoga helps athletes to step back and become a witness to their own consciousness. From this place of inner awareness the athlete is able to observe his or her own performance, without judgment, and can envision a clearer path towards their highest performance level.

    As more and more professional and amateur sports teams employ yoga coaches and encourage practice as a way to stay healthy and limber, this ancient and varied practice will continue to thrive and inspire the athlete in all of us.

    Whether you are a weekend road warrior, gym rat pumping iron, occasional golfer or ninja warrior beast, you will definitely benefit from this thoughtfully and expertly constructed class. Soo Yoon, a senior teacher at Juluka and always avid athlete will inform, instruct and guide you.



    7:50pm - 9:05pm - 75 minutes

    $20 per person 


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