• All new Juluka Visitors are encouraged to complete your online profile and waiver before your 1st visit and save time! Click HERE to set up your profile.

    We are a nurturing environment where your Yoga practice can continue to blossom, adapt, or begin a new. After you have set up your online profile you can come just 10 minutes before class starts and acquainted with us. We encourage you to bring your own mat but also offer free mats to borrow.  Props are available to support your practice: blankets, blocks, straps and bolsters.  And as we are a teaching studio - we foster an environment of learning all aspects of Yoga.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us - please read more about Juluka's background and mission here

    If you're absolutely new to Yoga, please continue to read below. 

  • Welcome! You've taken that first critical step in learning more about Yoga - learning more about yourself. Whatever brought you here is reason enough to start your journey! It can begin right now, you start where you are, and if you happen to be a beginner, we have many options for you.

    Juluka Yoga Studio is a compassionate, non-competitive learning environment for new and experienced practitioners, alike.

    We introduce the new yogis slowly and gently. We use blocks, straps and blankets to assist the student in asanas. Attention to detail is practiced in order to teach good habits and perhaps remove some bad ones. We move at a slower pace, incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Also ideal, but not limited to persons with injuries and pre-natal moms.


    1) Beginner Yoga Series: Monday 8pm - 60 minutes @ Juluka Hillsdale. Consecutive Weeks of classes that cover your Yoga basics to get you on your way to safely embark on your practice. These classes require Pre-Registration Sign up and Pre-payment. (Check Schedule Page for Details)

    2) Beginner Yoga Drop-In Class: 60 minutes. Open class to drop in anytime (class cards ok)

    Tuesday 11am @ Juluka River Edge

    Wednesday 8pm @ Juluka River Edge

    Thursday 11am @ Juluka River Edge

    Thursday nights 8:20pm @ Juluka Hillsdale



    What should I wear? What do I need to do? Any more questions you may have, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

    What if I can't make it to any of these Beginner Classes? Feel free to contact Mandy (201) 638-6828 or email: mandy@julukayoga.com with your concerns. We also offer Gentle Yoga Classes, Hatha Open Classes, and Iyengar Level I classes that may suit you, as well.