• Vas Cialdella


    RYT-200, Juluka Graduate

    Fate often has a way of intervening in our lives when we least expect it. Over twenty years ago, when Vas wandered through the aisles of her local library, unsure of what she was seeking, Yoga decided it would find her - quite literally. A rogue copy of Richard Hittleman's Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan leaped off the shelves landing right at her feet, so she picked it up, brought it home, and has been practicing yoga ever since. A lot has happened since that first meeting with Yoga that fateful day, but it never strayed far from her heart. And as is often the case with committing to teaching the practice, when all the stars had aligned, she knew she wanted to take the next step. In the Spring of 2013, Vas became a Juluka graduate, earning her 200 hour teaching certification. 

    Vas believes in teaching intuitively: feeling her way through her students' energies and emotions as she guides her Vinyasa Flow classes. Her warm personality adds to her style, which is often described as "soothing yet challenging" by her loyal students. She firmly believes Pranayama (breathing mediation) is essential to any yoga practice, and to life in general, so she will always incorporate some techniques into her lessons. 

    Her dedication to wellness doesn't stop at the mat, Vas and her husband own GoodRoots Vending Machine Company, which is trying to bring healthy snack machines to local businesses. As a mother of two young children, she wants to do her part in providing a healthier world for everyone.