• Teacher Training Testimonials

  • The teacher training at Juluka was not only comprehensive in material and instruction, but incredibly nurturing. There was a strong sense of community that was established throughout this training that is incomparable. The instruction not only provided knowledge about asana practice, sequencing and assists, but at the core was built on yoga philosophy and deeper spiritual understanding. This program was an immersive learning experience and not only prepared me to be a yoga teacher, but also gave me a deeper understanding of myself. I am forever grateful for the foundation of this teacher training and the beautiful souls who lead me through it.

    Baily L. Grad 2018

  • I always loved yoga, but now I love and appreciate it even more as a part of my life. Mandy Grant and Soo Yoon are not only incredible teachers, but they are incredible people. Mandy embodies the yogic way of life and has shown me how to listen to my inner feelings and to unite my mind and body not only when practicing yoga and just in everyday life. I am so thankful for having completed my teacher training at Juluka and have already recommended others to do the same, whether they choose to teach or not. Juluka Yoga Studio will forever be a part of my life. Namaste.

    Tiffany K. Grad 2018

  • Juluka Yoga School has a very well organized, detailed, and well-wounded curriculum. The instructors comprise of a dynamic, experienced, and highly educated team. Mandy and Soo are extremely supportive, encouraging, and intuitive instructors. The program has more than prepared me to teach yoga to others while also further igniting my passion for yoga. I researched many programs before selecting Juluka, and I am very happy with my decision. I chose this program to deepen my yoga practice. It exceeded my expectations by not only deepening my practice, but by guiding me toward finding the parts of myself that I have lost and developing within me a strong avidity to teach the subject matter to others. I will be furthering my education here in the future. Great studio, great community, great program! This experience is the ultimate form of self-care, everyone should do it!

    Kaitlin B. Grad 2017

  • After practicing at Juluka and meeting Mandy, I knew it was the right environment to pursue my yoga teacher training. Mandy is extremely knowledgeable and provides an in-depth yoga TT program. It's established in a manner that allows each TT the opportunity not only to grow and deepen their practice but more importantly to fully delve into the many wonderful aspects and benefits of Yoga. By the end of the program I gained a new found love for yoga, physical and mental strength, and a broader sense of mindful living. I feel well prepared and excited to begin my journey as a yoga teacher! Thanks Mandy!

    Luz T. Grad 2016

  • To say the teacher-training program at Juluka Yoga Studio is incredible would be an understatement. The completion of this training changed my life. I owe so much to Juluka and all of the lovely people who helped me on my journey. There is no better instructor to learn from than Mandy. The wealth of knowledge I obtained from my training was outstanding. After completion of your 200 hr program you will be more than ready to share the wonderful gift of yoga with others. Namaste.

    Shannon H. Grad 2015

  • The Juluka teacher training with Mandy Grant has made an immense impact on my life and the life of others around me. As a medical doctor, I thought I knew a lot. I loved practicing yoga and was searching for a part time job opportunity. I knew that yoga was good for health and I could easily understand the health benefits that yoga offers. Yoga and ayurveda even gave me some answers to questions I couldnt find in the western medicine. I was surprised though that Mandy opened up a new door for me- a door of wisdom, spirituality and love for humans and gave me a total different perspective on health and healing. After I received the juluka teacher certificate I started a completely new exciting career. I developed into a full time yoga teacher, made worskhops and lectures, wrote articles while proceeding with my yoga education. I continue teaching yoga after I moved back to Europe, considering myself an "International yoga teacher" - the certificate is valid everywhere in the world! Working as a medical doctor again I hope my patients will benefit from the knowledge and wisdom I gained through the tt with Mandy.

    Natalia N. Grad 2014

  • I could sum it up in a nutshell -My experience has been SUBLIME. The last ten years of my life have been very challenging and although I've acted upon them with fierce commitment and resilience, I forgot about nurturing myself MY yoga practice has enabled me to reconnect with my inner joy, my love for my children, my fortitude, and lastly MY purpose in life. And so, If I overcame so many obstacles, why can't others? Reason why I embarked in this new journey to become a teacher. My purpose is to learn how to help others, help themselves! The opportunity to serve and help others is the icing on the cake!

    Maria E. Grad 2014

  • I've been studying with Mandy for some time now and can honestly say, after practicing with various gurus across the area, that she is the pinnacle of instruction, care, and nurture. Mandy has a fantastic worldview coupled with many years of teaching experience. For beginners and advanced practitioners alike, she is the yogini to seek.

    Curt S. Grad 2013

  • Outstanding customer service. Owner, Mandy Grant is a treasure. Classes offer a variety of modifications for any level. Intermediate yogis will be challenged. Not commercial or pretentious, this is real yoga in an inviting atmosphere. Great place to clear your mind and get fit. Last spring, I searched all over for a 200 hr accelerated teacher training program, and was often disappointed with the atmosphere or the price of many places. Juluka impressed me with its straight forward course description and growth oriented learning environment. It delivered on what was promised. Mandy is a patient mentor and works hard to create a supportive, nonjudgemental community of teacher trainers. She and all the teachers at Juluka are there to help you listen to your body, grow as a person, and be healthy. Whatever you are looking to get out of a yoga practice, you can do it here at Juluka.

    Christine B. Grad 2013

  • Yoga found me about several years ago during a hard hard time. After my 4th class, taught by Mandy Grant, I was hooked and had to know more about the practice. This was what my life had been missing and I wanted to start from the beginning. I practiced at other studios, tried new teachers and workshops in the mean time yet nothing could replace Juluka Yoga as my home. About two years into my practice is when I knew I was going to be a teacher and one of my teachers saw it in me too. I enrolled into Mandy Grant's training and couldn't have been more excited to start my journey! During those 6 months, my whole life changed. We were challenged physically and mentally but it was well worth it. I would not go back and change a thing. As I continue to teach and preach the beauty of life, love and yoga, I create an intention that will manifest exactly how I want it to: incorporating yoga in the lives of Autistic Children.

    Kristen C. Grad 2012

  • The most comprehensive training program in town! After completing my Yoga Teacher Training at Juluka I have continued to study multiple philosophies and yoga lineages so I can say with confidence that Juluka's YTT program is simply the BEST! Mandy Grant will hold you to a high standard, but trust me, you'll be glad to do the work because it will allow you to teach at any studio. Be prepared to study, learn and walk away with a deep understanding of anatomy, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit. The most comprehensive training program in town! After completing my Yoga Teacher Training at Juluka I have continued to study multiple philosophies and yoga lineages so I can say with confidence that Juluka's YTT program is simply the BEST! Mandy Grant will hold you to a high standard, but trust me, you'll be glad to do the work because it will allow you to teach at any studio. Be prepared to study, learn and walk away with a deep understanding of anatomy, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit. Juluka's YTT has opened many doors for me and I am grateful to say that I am now living my Dharma and teaching full-time. Enjoy the journey! Namaste

    Sarah M. Grad 2010

  • Although I took my first yoga class some twenty years ago, it wasn’t until about ten years ago that I realized my passion for it, began practicing regularly, and then several years ago made the wise decision to become a certified yoga teacher. I never considered training with anyone else but Mandy Grant; quite simply, she is a teacher’s teacher. She understands how to teach, and her energy is magnetic. My husband was also quite supportive, which helped allay my fears of “managing it all” during the intense teacher training. Once enrolled, I never looked back. Having Mandy as my guide, in my head and in my heart, I finished the program with the confidence and knowledge needed to go out and teach a variety of classes, levels, and ages. I am currently teaching a variety of Hatha yoga classes, from kids to seniors, summer camp to chair yoga and everything in between. Within each class is always a different experience; I enjoy the unique energy each experience brings. Thank you, Juluka!

    Brenda S. Grad 2009

  • Mandy teaches us more than just technique to benefit from stretching and strengthening yoga poses, more than the just the priceless skills of how to de-stress through breathing and meditation. Mandy's influence digs deeper than that, to the core reasons why we practice yoga anyway, and why it is so valuable to pursue a yogic life as Mandy does everyday with humility and devotion. Mandy begins from the start of teacher training and infuses in all the student classes the core philosophy behind yoga and then teaches from example. From the starting point of explaining in small easily digestible segments the practical relevance of Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga Mandy sets in motion our yogic journey whereby we carve out our own path through yoga. One example of Mandy's inspiration, again, by example is to do karma work, which she does regularly. Specifically, she helped establish the foundation for our grassroots charity peace4paws by her teachings on the Ahimsa which means to act with non-violence to all living things. Juluka Yoga encourages compassion to animals, to people & to ourselves in all it's work. It's real yoga.

    Jennifer C. Grad 2008