• Mindfulness Meditation in Depth w/Mark Van Buren

    Mindfulness Meditation in Depth

    Meditation has been around for thousands of years as a way for seekers of all faiths to become intimately familiar with the deepest aspects of their being. Its an ancient art used to cultivate concentration, compassion and wisdom.
    Join mindful living trainer and best-selling author Mark Van Buren for this 3 hour workshop in mindfulness and meditation. In this course you will learn what meditation is all about and how to apply it in practical ways into your daily life. Mark will teach you seated meditation, walking meditation, lying down meditation, and even dancing meditation! He will teach you how to start your own daily meditation practice, along with some pointers on how to stay motivated to keep sitting! Mark teaches that everything needed for peace and joy is right here amidst the messiness of every day life.  You don't want to miss this enlightening course!

    Sunday, September 17th, 3pm-6pm
    $35 per person