• Marie Salamon


    CYT 300 CPT/WITS

    Yoga gave me my exciting life style back, 12 years ago. After a long chronic back condition, carpel tunnel syndrome and an on set middle age virtigo, I thought I must resign myself to a limited, sedentary and boring life. But now, I am at the top of my physical shape and able to enjoy the most exciting experiences I could ever imagined. And yes it happened. Thanks to My Yoga Practice.

    I came from Romania 35 years ago. As a graduate of The Health and Physical Education Institute, I developed an interest in healthy practices. Being privileged and talented to be a track and field athlete, I had the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally and to be part of the Romanian Olympic Team in the 1968 Games in Mexico City. Occupational condition and overstressed use of same muscle groups began to weaken my body, limit my range of motion and contribute to a beginning of arthritis. My passion to stay fit and active had won and now I am healthy, fit and a Gold Winner in the 2009 and 2010 Senior Olympic Games four times over, in track and field and tennis, and 2009 All American Sports Designation. And yes it happened. Thanks to My Yoga Practice.

    My mission is to teach, educate and help everyone achieve and maintain physical health. Highly creative and relentless motivator, I am results oriented. I have discovered through my teaching experience over the past 10 years, how yoga provides a greater combination of benefits than any other form of activity. I strongly believe that the benefits of yoga, are immensely recognized to improve our health and when used in concert with daily and traditional activities, yoga will complete your physical and spiritual conditioning, yoga will improve your mood and the state of well being and yoga will bring you happiness and contentment.

    I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you my expertise in Yoga and Fitness and to work with you towards a great personal experience.

    Yoga will give you back an exciting and healthy life.
    And yes it will happen.
    Be patient and stay with Your Yoga Practice.