• Malas have been used as a tool for prayer and meditation for thousands of years. Nowadays, we continue to use Malas for enlightenment, but have expanded to wearing them for their beauty and as reminders of purposeful intention. In this workshop you will: Learn about Malas, How to design and make your very own 108-bead knotted Mala necklace + Tassel, How to use your Mala for Meditation and Mantra.

    All supplies are included in price.  We use premium beads and materials-your mala will rival that of the most upscale boutique! Soo has developed an expertise in this craft-you will be extremely satisfied! We will also be serving Mulled Cider (Non-alcoholic and spiked ;-) and snacks.

    Space is limited, so sign up ahead! $55/person

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