• Living Foods Workshop: Healing thu' Raw Foods

    Now is the time to wean off the red meat and introduce a more plant based diet into your world, while still enjoying traditional flavors and getting all the protein you need! Learn about preparing and eating living foods with nutritionist and veggie expert, Laura Orbe. 
    We know now that red meat is carcinogenic. One doesn’t have to become a vegetarian overnight, but at last check out these delicious options so that you could tend toward being a “flexitarian”!  The idea behind raw food is that, by not being prepared above 118 degrees, the foods contain more valuable nutrients that would have otherwise been denatured by cooking. These enzymes, vitamins and minerals bring our bodies invaluable benefits seen in the results of aided digestion, increased energy, possible elimination of disease and much more! Whether you decide to go completely raw, or to simply rev-up the raw in your diet you will find joy in the fact that eating raw food is EASY-no calorie counting and no restrictions, but much flavor and creativity!
    This workshop is expertly presented, all organic and non-GMO ingredients are supplied for your to enjoy! Laura is using Thanksgiving as the theme: 
    Pumpkin Soup
    Lettuce cups filled with "turkey salad", cranberry dressing and "mayo"
    Kale and corn salad
    All organic fruits and veggies and NON-GMO
    We would love to have you at this fabulous and delicious presentation on Sunday afternoon. Space is limited, so please sign up soon!
    2:45 PM - 5:00 PM - 2 hours and 15 minutes
    Cost: $40 per person (includes ALL ingredients and meal!)