• Inversion 101!
    Take the scary out of Upside-Down!
    When: Sunday June 28th
    Cost: $25

  • Join Kristen as she shows you the way of inversions! Explore new areas on your mat and let the newly cultivated balance and strength continue to support you as you navigate the daily challenges of life. Its important to turn our worlds upside down, every now and again. 
    Kristen is fun, down to earth and a great teacher. Everyone is welcome, whether you are still trying to get one foot off the mat in crow, or are ready to fly into a handstand, this workshop will definitely help you. 
    We will cover headstands of various forms, handstands, peacock, crow and a few other arm balances. The session will conclude with a guided deep relaxation. MMMmmmmm!

    Don't be intimated! No prior inversion experience necessary. Beginners and seasoned yogis welcome!

    When the world seems upside down, stand on your head! It's always good to get a different perspective!

    When: Sunday June 28th. 4:30pm-6:30pm
    Cost: $25