• The Joy of Backbends: Overcoming the Struggles

    Saturday June 24th

    2:30pm - 4:30pm

    Led by Iyengar Yoga Teacher: Sharon Cotugno

    We are as old as our spines!


    Backbends can seem quite daunting for so many of us, but when done safely and correctly, heart opening backbend poses can help support a strong and healthy spine, relieve anxiety and stress, and improve your breathing.   Our alignment specialist Sharon Cotugno will explain what needs to be open and accessible in the body and mind in order for you to come safely into the liberating practice of backbends.  You will learn a variety of asanas to accommodate a wide range flexibilities in practitioners.  


    SATURDAY June 24th

    2:30pm- 4:30pm - 2 hours

    $35 per person 

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    ?s: CALL (201) 638-6828 or Email Mandy: mandy@julukayoga.com & Soo: sooyoonyoga@gmail.com