• Buddhism-An Introduction

    Buddhism-An Introduction
    Explore a series of practices and a way of life based on the teachings of the Buddha who, after achieving enlightenment, taught that the nature of the world is constant change.  Buddhism is a way to correct our view, in order to bring an end to suffering and share in the happiness, wisdom, peace and Nirvana that Buddha himself discovered after following the paths of the lessons he has since laid down as the foundations of Buddhism."Come learn about the life of the Buddha and his main teachings - the four noble truths and the eightfold path. See how you can apply practices and teachings of Buddhism into your life to help reduce suffering, dissatisfaction and the anxieties of daily life. You DO NOT have to be Buddhist, nor want to become a Buddhist to join this course - all are welcome!  Mindful living trainer and best-selling author Mark Van Buren leads this class.
    Sunday, October 2nd, 3pm-6pm
    $45. Includes an Ayurvedic Supper afterwards!