• Workshop Description:

    Body Language – Yoga and Anatomy for Common Conditions & Injuries

    Yoga can provide healing relief from a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, but just what are these conditions and how do they manifest in the body? Through a combination of anatomy lecture, observation, and movement, participants will learn how to identify these conditions within the body and how to work effectively with these patterns using refined movement practices and anatomical know-how.

    • The physiology and symptoms of common orthopedic conditions in the upper body, lower body (pelvic tilt imbalances), and the core and spine (hyper lordosis, scoliosis, forward head posture) .
    • Identifying conditions and liabilities in students through observation
    • Developing critical thinking and decision making skills based on observation and anatomy
    • Refined movement practices and alignment techniques to create ease and comfort
    • Effective modifications and skillful hands-on adjustments
    • Pros and cons of active and passive approaches to helping students with injuries
    • Compassionate approaches to dealing withinjuries
  • SATURDAY 7/8/17

    2:30pm - 4:30pm (2 hours)

    $35 per person / Buy online!

    Due to the rich content and pace of this workshop, We recommend Experienced yoga practitioners for this training.  Thank you!

    ?s: CALL (201) 638-6828 or Email Mandy: mandy@julukayoga.com & Soo: sooyoonyoga@gmail.com

  • Interactive Workshop Presented by:

    Joey Gottlieb

    Yoga Educator / Anatomy Specialist

    Massage Therapist

    Joey Gottlieb is a yoga educator and licensed massage therapist based in Washington, DC. Joey found yoga as a teenager nursing multiple sports injuries and coping with depression. Ever the student, he was curious to learn more about the practice that was transforming both the inner and outer landscape of his being.


    This curiosity has guided him through multiple yoga teacher trainings and an ongoing apprenticeship with renowned Yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti, with whom he has traveled around the country and the world. The son of two diplomats and a lover of cross-cultural exchange, Joey combines his unique global experience and sense of humor to create a joyful but deep educational experience. His rigorous training in anatomy and massage therapy, as well as his extensive studies in life-affirming Tantric philosophy and therapeutic movement are the backbone of his empowering vinyasa classes and anatomy workshops.