• Anatomy School For Yogis -Workshops

    SUNDAY November 20th, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
    OR use 2 classes of a regularly priced package.  
    Rhonda Roerich, our new anatomy specialist will continue our Anatomy School for Yogis Workshop with info-rich lecture on hips/pelvis, sacrum and psoas.  
    October 30th 2016
    Anatomy of Joint and Movement
    Anatomy of Joint - Knowledge of how a joint is created and how movement occurs, some of the basic anatomical terminology and basic bones, proprioception, fascia, etc.
    -Anatomy of Foot/Ankle
    -Anatomy of Knee
    All the while teaching on the relevance to our yoga postures, injuries, etc.
    Expert Rhonda Rhoerich leads this engaging workshop as you tune into your body mechanics.